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Anton collection

Discover our complete range of Anton storage products which will allow you to store your most precious belongings in your house as well as decorating it at the same time.

Compactor Anton Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bag – XXL
£24.99Reduced from £29.99
Coming Soon!
17% OFF
Compactor Anton Underbed Vacuum Storage Bag – L
£15.99Reduced from £21.99
Coming Soon!
27% OFF
Compactor Anton Vacuum Storage Trunk - XL
£23.99Reduced from £31.99
Coming Soon!
25% OFF
Anton Suit Bag
£3.99Reduced from £5.99
33% OFF
Anton Dress Bag
£2.99Reduced from £4.99
40% OFF
Anton Duvet and Clothes Storage Bag
£3.99Reduced from £4.99
20% OFF
Soon depleted
Anton Extra Flat Under Bed Storage Bag
£3.99Reduced from £5.99
Coming Soon!
33% OFF
Anton Under Bed Shoe Storage Bag with 12 Compartments
£5.99Reduced from £8.99
33% OFF
Anton Drawer Organiser with 16 Compartments
£3.99Reduced from £4.99
20% OFF
Soon depleted
Anton Hanging Clothes Organiser with 6 Compartments
£4.99Reduced from £11.99
58% OFF
Anton Hanging Shoe Organiser with 9 Compartments
£4.99Reduced from £8.99
44% OFF
Anton Storage Bag with Zip
£3.99Reduced from £5.99
33% OFF
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