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Vacuum storage

Get three times more storage space thanks to the Compactor vacuum storage range! Just imagine everything that you could store with three times more space in the wardrobe, closet or drawers. Compactor lets you compress linens, duvets and clothes without damaging the fabric.

Thanks to our unique, patented technology, our vacuum storage bags, totes and cases are 100% airtight—never has it been so easy to store bedding and linen. Clothes, duvets or winter blankets are protected from the damp, bad smells, mites and moths.

And for those looking to combine utility with an attractive look, we’ve created various decorative ranges: check out our collections and choose the storage style that best suits your home.


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Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bag – XXL
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Set of 2 Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bags - L and XXL
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"Aspispace" XL Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bag for 1 Double Duvet Plus 2 Pillows
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"Aspispace" Set of 10 Medium and Large Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags - 5 Medium and 5 Large
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Compactor Madison Rigid Vacuum Storage Box - XL
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Shoe Storage Rack
41% OFF
World of Storage Hanging Shoe Organiser with 9 Compartments
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Walltech Dressing Room Small Storage Basket
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Nora Single Metal Clothes Hanging Rail
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"Etna" Woven Storage Basket - Navy Blue
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Good Deals

Duvet vacuum storage

With summer just around the corner, are you struggling to find somewhere to store your winter bedding? Discover the Compactor range: vacuum storage totes and rigid cases that save you up to 75% extra space.

Your duvets will be perfectly protected from damp and dust. Once compressed, your items can be stored under the bed, in the basement or in a corner of the wardrobe, for whenever you need them next. These space-saving solutions are great for home removals and car trips too.

Hand washable, easy to transport thanks to their sturdy handles, compatible with the majority of vacuum cleaners...Compactor cases come in extra handy when you're off on holiday. Beach towels, sheets, bags and pillows will all easily fit in the car boot.

Clothes vacuum storage

Compactor has developed a unique vacuum storage range. Vacuum packing protects your clothes from damp and moths, as well as saving space... lots of space! An ordinary vacuum cleaner is all it takes to compress a whole pile of clothes: it's easy, effective and magic at the same time!

Compactor is the best solution to take care of your clothes and other textiles. With summer approaching, you can store away your jumpers, blankets, ski suits and puffer jackets in our top-quality insulating cases. And when the cold returns, just get your warm winter clothes back out and put away the beach towels, sarongs and other summer clothes in the vacuum bag.

The patterns on some models make these storage solutions real items of decor.

Vacuum storage bags

To store your clothes, duvets or even travel items, choose vacuum storage bags. With a simple blast of the hoover, these bags—equipped with a special valve—will save you space in your suitcases and storage areas, while protecting the items at the same time.

You can easily store clothes and linen, as well as duvets or jackets. You'll find that your belongings are in the same condition you left them in, as the bag does not damage the fabric.

Vacuum storage technology ensures a perfectly airtight seal and lets you keep your bags in the loft or garage, or anywhere else that may be susceptible to dust or damp.


Compactor offers a wide range of decorative totes and cases: you're sure to find a model to suit your home, from our cult collections, such as the Life or Compactor 2.0 collection, to a variety of styles, Compactor has created a range of stylish and trendy solutions.

Our ranges feature elegant, discreet styles and colours, as well as more daring options such as the Tropic collection, with its black pineapple motifs on a white background, or even Marinière, with blue and white stripes.

our storage solutions will be perfectly at home in your wardrobe or in view of all the family, brightening up a plain wall and adding a stylish touch to your home.

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