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Frequently asked questions

I would like to create a customer account

To create your account, it's easy

Have a look at the section "MY ACCOUNT" accessible at the top part of the site.

You can access your online account at any time too:

Track your orders

All order received before 11 am on a working day will be handed to the carrier on the same day.

When your order has been received you will get a confirmation email that your order is being prepared

Using your tracking number you can track the delivery of the order.

This information is also available in your cutomer account under the section My Orders

I would like to change my delivery details

> Modify my personnel information before placing an order:
You have the possibility to add or to modify your personnel details by connecting yourself in your customer profile.

> Modify my personnel delivery details when the parcel is in transit for delivery:
You have the possibility to modify your personnel delivery details by connecting yourself with your follow-up parcel number.

I would like to return a product


The Guarantee (satisfied or refund)
If not satisfied the customer has 15 days from receipt of goods to return them and get a full refund

The product has to be returned in good condition in its original packing with the invoice and addressed to VIDEO HOME SHOPPING

Products that have been used or damaged will not accepted for a refund

The refund will be issued within 30 days of receipt by VIDEO HOME SHOPPING

You can send products back for exchange or a refund

The customers is liable for the return postal charges unless the product is faulty and we have been notified within 15 days of receipt of the goods

Return Address
CIE Europe
Rue des Frères Lumière
59160 LOMME

I would like to use the £5 discount from my registration to the Newsletter

When you register for the Newsletter you will receive your own personal code

This code is to be entered while finalizing your order (from £30 purchased)

I have some question regarding my Compactor

> May I replace the internal compression bag?
In case of damage, our exclusive technology allows you to replace it by contactingour SAV

> How many times can we use a Compactor?
Your Compactor can be reused as often as you wish if you follow the instructions.

> What to do if I lose the lock closure slide?
You can close the bag by hand but the seal will be more effective with a closure slide, available on the website here

> What is the maximum capacity of my Compactor?
Always leave some empty space at the top to facilitate the closure of the zip before the compression.

> How to open my Compactor once compressed?
To release the linen, open the 2 sides of the compression bag at the zip level.

> What garments should I store first in a Compactor?
The use of a Compactor is ideal to store duvets, pillows or winter clothes in a minimum of space.

> Can I store coats and suits in a Compactor?
To avoid. They risk to be extremely creased.

> Can we leave a Compactor indefinitely compressed?
It is recommended that you decompress the stored garments every 6 months before re-compressing them.

> What is the best way to carry my Compactor?
To carry your Compactor, we recommend holding onto the 2 handles.

> Do the compressed garments get damaged in the Compactor?
No, we simply recommend you to fold them properly before the compression to minimize creases.

I have some question regarding my Bestlock System

> What is the advantage of the Bestlock system ?
Besides the quality of the used materials and the care brought to the finishes, most Bestlock it is the locking by 1/4 of tour. A patented technology which facilitates the installation and makes all the difference!

> Where can I install my Bestlock?
In all smooth surface, and not porous like the tiles, the glass or the mirrors. You just need to put the BestLock suction cup hook at the desired location, press firmly to its center and to turn a quarter the button.

> How long my Bestlock will stay in position?
If the chosen surface is perfectly smooth and if you follow well our advic, your Bestlock can remain fixed for years.

> May I change the position of my Bestlock?
You can move at any time your Bestlock : following the instructions of installation.

> How to maintain my Bestlock?
Remove the suction cup and clean it by means of a soft rag or of a slightly wet sponge. And, wait that it's become dry to reposition it.

> Is it necessary to moisten the suction cup to set up her?
No, the suction cup should be very dry so that she adheres to the wall at the time of the installation.

> May I install my Bestlock in a wet room or a shower cubicle?
Yes, all the range Bestlock are designed to resist the water and the rust-proofing guarantees.

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