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Kitchen storage

Are you dreaming of a kitchen where everything has a place of its own and where nothing is left lying about? With Compactor storage solutions, turn your kitchen into a delightful living area, both enjoyable and stylish.

Compactor has a specially designed range for kitchen storage, to free up the work surfaces and make the chores easier on you. Organise your kitchen intelligently with our cupboard organisers, as well as kitchen drawer organisers, magnetic or adhesive wall mounts, and other on-trend products.


Best sellers

Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bag – M
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Set of 2 Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bags - L and XXL
No. 1 in sales
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"Aspispace" Medium Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bag for 1 Single Duvet
No. 1 in sales
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"Aspispace" Set of 5 Medium Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
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Compactor Tahiti Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bag - M
“Multi” 4 in 1 hanger
No. 1 in sales
"Bestlock Black" Suction Wall Mountable Storage Rack
"Cork" Flexible Storage Basket with Handles
Loft Steel Adjustable Clothes Hanging Rail
No. 1 in sales
"Belly" Large Woven Seagrass Storage Basket - Natural/Black

Good Deals

Kitchen accessories

To keep the kitchen spick and span, choose Compactor organisers: suction-cup wall-mounted storage, magnetic or stick-on, along with hooks where you can hang dish towels, oven gloves, pot holders, soap and other kitchen implements. All of our storage solutions will help to clear away the work tops and encourage you to get cooking.

Super simple to install—no drills or screws needed—these accessories free up space and let you keep all of your condiments or utensils handy for whenever you need them...all without damaging the walls!

Drawers organisation

No more messy drawers! Thanks to Compactor drawer organisers, it's easy to keep your kitchen drawers extra neat and tidy. Save yourself time and hassle with our modular drawer organisers.

At a single glance you can see your cutlery, utensils and small kitchen accessories. A clear drawer where items are easy to find and use is key to turning your kitchen into a pleasant, appealing place.

Cupboards storage

To avoid cluttering up the kitchen cupboards and drawers with bulky appliances and utensils, Compactor has a range of innovative solutions. Easily store plates, cake moulds, trays and lids without losing space!

See our range of boxes, baskets, organisers, utensil holders, extendable shelves, dish racks, etc. So many clever ideas that will save you both space and time when cooking.

Use our 2 or 3 level shelves to keep your utensils or crockery handy. Available in plastic or steel, these let you create a dedicated place for your items and maximise the usage of space.

Food preservation

Compactor has designed a range of food storage boxes featuring a vacuum seal system. Fully airtight thanks to a silicone seal, these boxes are perfect for storing in the fridge, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The sealing valve, located on the lid of each container, lets you remove air to preserve your food for between 2-5 times longer.

Easy to carry, they’re great for the office or a picnic.

At the shops

Why carry a heavy shopping bag? Especially if you've got a bad back...Compactor has developed a range of shopping trolleys that are ideal for all of your shopping requirements. Suitable for carrying up to 25kg, our shopping solutions comprise a sturdy aluminium frame.

Our shopping trolleys can go everywhere with you, and will safely store all of your purchases until you get back home to the fridge. Even frozen products are suitable for the Compactor trolleys thanks to their insulated inner compartment.

Our tips for home storage

Tidying a small flat: tips!

To keep a house spick and span needs a basement, a loft, loads of cupboards… But you only have a 1 bedroom flat! With a bit of organisation, a few tips and tricks and then a good sort through of everything, you can turn your small flat around.

The health effects and benefits of tidying up

What if tidying held a place of honour in our lives? What if cleaning up was no longer seen as a chore we constantly put off until next week, but rather, a chance to feel better… much better?

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