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Wall storage

Not enough space in the wardrobe, or other storage areas? To free up space and make the most of your available living area, try out vertical storage. The ideal solution for small spaces, wall-mounted storage is one of Compactor's specialities: pegs, hooks, boxes and other accessories come to the rescue to redo your home.

In the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, Compactor offers 3 fastening systems that won’t damage the walls: stick-on storage, suction-cup storage, and even magnetic solutions. Everything to make the most of your home's wall space.

Wall-mounted storage also lets you personalise your storage areas and keep everything handy.


Best sellers

Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bag – XXL
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Set of 2 Compactor Life Semi-Rigid Vacuum Storage Bags - L and XXL
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"Aspispace" XL Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bag for 1 Double Duvet Plus 2 Pillows
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"Aspispace" Set of 10 Medium and Large Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags - 5 Medium and 5 Large
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Compactor Madison Rigid Vacuum Storage Box - XL
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"Angela" Over Door Hanging Shoe Rack for 12 Pairs
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World of Storage Hanging Shoe Organiser with 9 Compartments
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Walltech Garage Extra Large Storage Basket
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Nora Single Metal Clothes Hanging Rail
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"Felt" Storage Basket - Grey

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Suction wall storage solutions

Save space by creating vertical storage. To do this, check out our suction-cup wall-mounted storage solutions and learn how to turn your walls into storage spaces (without damaging them).

These storage solutions—which you can reposition as many times as you like—attach to the wall in a flash, with no need for drills and screws. Our suction-cup hooks and accessories are suitable for any smooth and non-porous surface: glass, metal, tiling or a mirror. With one simple movement (a quarter turn), you can set up the suction cup on a smooth surface and hang up your bath mitts, towels or dressing gowns effortlessly.

Self-adhesive wall storage solutions

Exploit free wall space thanks to our stick-on storage range. This collection features hooks, accessories and storage boxes.

These storage solutions can be attached to any smooth or slightly porous surface (glass, metal, tiles, mirror or melamine), all it needs is a bit of a push.

In the bathroom, living room, kitchen or closets, choose storage solutions that are adapted to your needs. Attaching without screws or a drill, just press the sticky pad onto wherever you want your storage. The Bestlock range, which can be reused time and time again, lets you securely hang up your storage without damaging the walls.

Ultra-simple installation guaranteed: no DIY know-how required!

Modular wall storage

A new storage concept, modular solutions offer an infinite number of possible combinations... the Walltech collection has been designed to make your walls more functional.

If you're suffering from a severe lack of space in your wardrobes and drawers, consider wall-mounted storage. Compactor has developed storage baskets, hooks, accessories and kits for every room: the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage and any other space that needs an upgrade.

Discover Compactor wall-mounted storage solutions here!

Magnetic storage solutions

Make daily life that bit easier with our range of magnetic storage solutions. This set of accessories helps you optimise your kitchen storage. Discover our stick-on magnetic backsplash, the best selling Compactor solution in this product category.

Easy to clean, it's perfect for protecting the kitchen walls. Use this backsplash together with our hooks and rails to keep your dishcloths and pot-holders handy.

Complete your kitchen makeover with our magnetic spice rack and mini magnetic shelf to keep your tablet or cookbook within sight.

Coat hooks

Day to day life can be streamlined with Compactor wall hangers. In the entryway or bedroom, coat hooks are essential for hanging coats, jackets and scarves. Without them, coats end up on a chair or the back of the sofa, only adding to the mess at home...

Discover our 4-hook wall hanger in natural wood with a white or varnished finish, as well as the steel 5-hook hanger featuring New York City motifs. With Compactor coat hangers you can provide a dedicated storage place for your coats and jackets while adding a decorative touch to the home.

Our tips for home storage

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10 techniques for smart clothes storage

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