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The CIE EUROPE company

César Epicureo, co-CEO
Giulio Epicureo, CEO and Compactor Founder
Family business since 1983

A Family team

  • Peter Putschogl Peter Putschogl Asia operations manager
    Based in Asia for the last 25 years, he is a partner of our group and oversees all our stock of items coming from that continent.
  • Maurizio Epicureo Maurizio Epicureo COO

    Maurizio Epicureo is one of the pillars of the company responsible for purchasing and is responsible for client satisfaction in France and all over the world in terms of service and quality. He strictly controls the cost and schedule for each operation. Like a conductor, he manages and coordinates the resources of the company: recruitment, staff training, stock status and evaluation of needs for warehouses and machinery. He is also responsible for the supply chain and the flow of goods and merchandise. As such, he manages transport, by ground, air and sea. ...
  • César Epicureo César Epicureo Co CEO and General Manager in charge of the international development On completion of his studies at the IESEG in Lille, and his training at Bocconi in Milan and the RWTH university in Aix-la-Chapelle, César Epicureo joined the family business, having had gained significant practical work experience while studying. He uses his excellent knowledge of the company in his responsibilities for international development, opening new outlets, offering all the Compactor storage ranges, throughout the world, from the USA to Australia and Japan. His energy and desire to make everyone discover Compactor products have no limits. The brand is known in more than 40 countries and a Compactor product is sold in the world every 10 seconds. ...
  • Giulio Epicureo Giulio Epicureo Chief Executive Officer and founder of Compactor
    Born in Sardinia, Italy, in 1959 and after studying law, Giulio Epicureo used his French-Italian bi-cultural identity as a tremendous asset when founding the CIE EUROPE company in 1983 and conquering the European market. Inventor of Compactor, the market leader of storage products in France and Europe, Giulio Epicureo is always in search of new ideas to save space and store things easily in the house. At the same time, he never stops improving the design of his space saver bags and of his clothes storage units making them more and more efficient. This visionary has just had another stroke of genius with his design and development of Walltech products: a brand new concept in efficient wall storage. ...
  • Béatrice Epicureo Béatrice Epicureo Designer
    Responsible for product design, selection of materials and ensuring that graphical artwork and colours are in tune with the current fashions. Béatrice Epicureo makes full use of her imagination in order to develop collections perfectly in line with the latest trends in decor. She uses her significant travels and experience to best effect, with colours and lighting which result in attention-grabbing designs for the beautiful storage ranges from Compactor. Her practical creations bring a touch of style to everyday products, giving unique charm and personality to any home. ...
  • Vanessa Beunes Vanessa Beunes In charge of marketing and communication
    Managing the advertising and marketing department, Vanessa Beunes is responsible for the company's image as well as the development and evolution of the website. Thanks to her and her team, logos, product packaging, catalogues and internet site are formulated and produced within the company. Her experience and enthusiasm work wonders to implement new strategies (advertising campaigns, press relation...), not forgetting the visual consistency of supports used. Her aptitude for ceaseless innovation is a tremendous asset, which allows and promotes the development of Compactor’s digital department and gives the company a definite identity. ...
  • Nicolas Wauquier Nicolas Wauquier France Category Manager
    In charge of department stores, online and mail order sales, Nicolas Wauquier is also responsible for a distribution network of the Compactor ranges via specialised events such as fares and exhibitions. He liaises with the sales department to keep in touch with his customers. ...
  • Paul-Arnaud Buteux Paul-Arnaud Buteux In charge of the joiner's centre
    Trained cabinet maker and graduate from the Tournai St Luc School of Arts, Paul-Arnaud Buteux manages the joiner's center of CIE EUROPE. With his know-how and creativity, the workshop fitted with state-of-the-art machinery makes all exhibition furniture and stands for professional shows. Assisted by Jean-Louis Meire and a competent team, he is developing a B-to-B division for architects, designing office equipment and made-to-measure furniture. ...

Worldwide presence!

House storage specialist, CIE EUROPE is this field's leader on the European market. The company retails its products in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

A firm with

Set up in the north of France, it is a family-run company, connected to its northern roots but at the same time open to the world and forever ready to conquer new markets.
Today it provides for clients across the world, from the United States and Brazil to Japan and Australia. With its manufacturing and assembly plants in Asia and Spain, the firm keeps control of its production. It can remain innovative and creative and yet regulate the cost and quality of its products as well as their manufacturing and delivery conditions.


The manufacturing conditions of Compactor products comply with international regulations (ISO, BSCI). They respect the human rights and well-being of each member of staff.
Compactor has developed several partnerships one of which being with the NGO ‘World Vision’ which protest against child labour and respect their basic rights for access to education and decent life conditions.


Every new product of CIE EUROPE is scrupulously analysed before its launch on the market. From the basic cardboard box to the most sophisticated Compator, nothing is left to chance: materials, dimensions, colours and finish are closely examined then chosen according to criteria promoting design and quality. Thanks to a team dedicated to the standardisation of products, which is applied to the manufacturing processes, CIE EUROPE has complete quality control, ensuring consistent and reliable products for the consumer.
Carlo Zerbi
Italy CIE Manager
Under the direction of Carlo Zerbi and his team, the Italian subsidiary of the group set up in Milan is responsible for bringing the Compactor brand to Italy, the Balkans and also Switzerland and Austria with the collaboration of M. Holtslag.
Roberto Pelaez
Spain CIE Manager
In charge of the brand expansion in the Spanish, Portuguese and South American markets, Roberto Pelaez manages the Spanish group subsidiary. It includes offices in the centre of Madrid and an Compactor assembly plant. This production centre has become the main source of Compactor supplies.
Michael Holtslag
Sales Manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Bruno Casier
Belgium, Netherland and Luxemburg Sales Manager
Allan Copeland
UK Sales Manager
Theresa L. Poston
USA Sales Manager
In charge of sales development of the Compactor brand in their respective countries, Theresa Poston, Allan Copeland, Bruno Casier and Michael Holtslag contact new clients, manage existing customers' accounts and determine sales strategies to be implemented, in conjunction with César Epicureo. Thanks to their knowledge of tastes and habits specific to every country, they can accommodate and adapt each deal to offer the most suitable collection.


  • CIE EUROPE is above all a human adventure, a business built on work and passion. This is a story of men and women managing, deciding and bringing, day after day, their own unique skills and experience to make the company grow. The family structure of the firm nurtures strong bonds between the partners. Here, there is no anonymity but on the contrary, there is a close relationship between all the members of staff whether working in the offices, workshops or warehouses. In total, more than 100 people work for the group and every day give their skills and energy to CIE EUROPE.

  • 'With more than 15,000 m2 of warehouses in France, 3,000 m2 in Spain, 3,000 m2 in Italy and 3,000 m2 in China, CIE EUROPE is a company which can be relied on. Manufacturing, packing, delivery and quality control are perfectly executed with a total client satisfaction all over the world as the sole objective. With a careful balance when applying automation in the production process, CIE EUROPE makes every effort, when developing new projects, to ensure a maximum staff level employment in Europe.

  • With its in-house joiner's workshop, the company designs and manufactures its own exhibition stands and furniture intended for professional shows that it attends. Managed by a team of qualified professionals, this manufacturing workshop also develops office and made-to-measure furniture, 100% French.

  • With more than 200 new products designed every year, CIE EUROPE is always on the cutting edge of innovation. Technical improvements, new designs - its prototypes and new projects are created in its in-house engineering office. Thanks to the team spirit and the synergy forged by the different subsidiaries, this dynamic research and development centre helps combine ideas and tastes, personal to each country.


    Space saver solution, a storage revolution

    In 2004, with his extensive experience in the storage world, Giulio Epicureo, founder of CIE EUROPE, imagined and designed Compactor, a revolutionary vacuum storage system!

    While on a business trip to Japan, he noticed an air suction valve on freezer bags. He came up with the idea to use this sytem and design a bag to compress linen. He improved his idea even more when he fixed this bag inside a cover, reinforced with cardboard, making the storage of bulky fabrics even easier.

    Compactor has twice won French “Trophée de la maison” award.
    More users every day, it saves tremendous space, his design is fashionable, his quality flawless as promised.
    Today, 3 million Compactors are sold every year throughout the world.
  • WALLTECH by Compactor

    This wall-mounted storage range can be fitted in a flash!

    Walltech is a brand new revolutionary wall-mounted storage system. It helps everybody, whether they are DIY enthusiasts or not, use their walls to tidy and save maximum space in their home.

    Walltech is a patented design, manufactured by Compactor, leader for storage products in Europe and certified by tests from Intertek, a quality control laboratory known all over the world.

    . Internal/external modular wall-mounted storage
    . All-in-one system : No need for added self support bar
    . Fast and easy fitting.
    . High strength system
    . Guaranteed safety with Intertek tests
  • BESTLOCK from Compactor

    High performance suction fixing system

    A range of suction wall storage products which will help you tidy easily by hanging or mounting vertically. No drill, no screw, no wallplug. With “Bestlock”, wall-mounted storage is suitable for everyone.

    . Suction fixing, locked in 1/4 of a turn with a thumb wheel.
    . Movable again and again as you wish.
    . Can be fixed to all perfectly smooth and clean surfaces : tiles, glass, mirror or metal.
    . Can support up to 12 kg, according to the models.
    . Anti-corrosion treated steel.
    . Patented system.

    Designed to make your storage easy and amusing, the Compactor “Funny Hooks” range uses the same suction fixing system.
  • Compactor BESTLOCK MAGIC

    Discreet self-adhesive fixing system

    This wall-mounted storage system is particularly innovative: discreet and easy to fix, movable again and again as you wish, “Bestlock Magic” helps you use the walls to tidy or hang without any damage.

    . Pad fixing
    . Movable again and again as you wish.
    . Fast and easy fixing : just suck the air out, press and rub the pad on the wall then clip each metal storage module on its pad.
    . Can be used on all smooth or slightly porous surfaces : tiles, melamine, glass, metal or mirror.
    . Can support from 2 to 4 kg, according to the models.
    . Patented system.

    Fitted with the same self-adhesive technology, the Compactor “Hang It”, “Vision”, “Clip” and “Magic Hooks” ranges multiply the possibilities of wall-mounted storage without damaging the walls.
  • MAGNET by Compactor

    Magnetic storage

    This stainless steel magnetic hook and storage range can be easily fixed on the fridge or all metal surfaces.


3 000 000
Compactor® sold
in the world

One Compactor®
sold every
10 seconds

1 500

New products

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